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Exciting news! Preachers' Cafe is live and ready to have a great dialogue with our hosts. Head to our website to discover the latest episodes, and join the community of broadcast listeners. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback!


Preachers' Café



 Who We Are

Who is God? Who Can Justify the role of the Church in Society? Why, has the Church lost its salvation, heaven forbid!  How are we to understand Jesus’ humanity in God’s plan?

Join us in the Preachers’ Café as we examine these and many other critical and controversial issues facing the Church. Through the careful examination of Scripture, and under the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit,

our team of speakers and guests will share their insights on the pressing need of a spiritual reawakening to once again become, “the conscience of society”.

Our goal is to equip the People of God with the Word of God so they can do the Work of God! 

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