Mar 31, 2016

History Highlights

Here is just a brief summary of the church’s history. Contributing to the history of our church have been hard-working, devoted men and women whose faith and courage, have been known to us, some whom we can speak briefly and others whose names are not recalled as quickly. But, through it all, our history is with us and we are happy to share it.


1916—Sister Mary A. Young and Sister Viola Payne established a house-to-house prayer band for the purpose of praying for a Negro Baptist church in Waukegan.

1917—Brother Marion C. Taylor and Brother Joseph T. (J.J.) Maxwell started a Sunday School in the Maxwell home on Market Street.

-Rev. T. R. Ricks began the Organizing Council, which included Rev. Ricks, Rev. Childs of Chicago, IL, Rev. James Jordan of Glencoe, IL and Rev. B. H. Hunter of Lake Forest, IL.

-On a Sunday evening in October in a storefront on Market Street, SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH was organized and named by Rev. T. R. Ricks who became the first pastor.

1918—Rev. J. R. Talley served as the second pastor of the church.

1919—Rev. E. P. Jones was called to pastor the church.

1923—Groundbreaking was held on May 13th on a piece of ground on Genesee Street, which had been purchased at the cost of $1,000.00.

1924—The church moved from the rented South Avenue storefront into its red brick building on January 23rd. Rev. Charles Young was then pastor.

1928—Rev. Thomas Moore King was called to pastor Shiloh Baptist Church.

1936—Rev. Walter Constello Trotter was called to pastor.

1938—Rev. George W. Jones was called to pastor the church.

1940—Rev. Joseph H. Branham, Jr. was called to pastor the church.

1946—Rev. F. Herbert Davis was called to pastor the church.

1952—On August 20th, Rev. Jonathan Nathaniel Lightfoot was called to pastor the church.

1958—In September, ground was broken for the current sanctuary structure at 800 South Genesee Street.

1959—The Dedication Service was held Sunday, July 5th followed by the Victory March of the congregation.

1963—The Shiloh Baptist Federal Credit Union was organized.

1992—Rev. Walstone Elisha Francis was installed as pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church on Sunday, May 3rd.

2005—In June, the Dedication of the Family Life Center was held.

2006—Pastor Francis and his family moved out of the Church’s Parsonage to 230 Miraflores Avenue in Waukegan.

2008—The Church Parsonage, on 1401 Glen Flora Avenue in Waukegan, was sold with monies going to pay down the mortgage on the Family Life Center.

2012 – Pastor Francis celebrates 20 years as Pastor

2015 – Family Life Center 10 year re-dedication